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What is a Flash of Cash?

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A flash of cash is when you have that Aha moment. It’s that time when the light bulb goes off in your head. It’s your idea for a money making opportunity.

Business Plan

Create a business plan before launching your flash of cash.

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Secure necessary funds for your flash of cash.

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Turn your flash of cash into a new business.

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Use an online audience to fund your flash of cash.

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9 Smart Marketing Tips for Your Startup

One of the most important aspects to starting a business is marketing.  You may have a great idea for a product or service, but without good marketing you may never make any sales.  But marketing is more than just making sales, it will also incorporates doing... read more

7 Essential Startup Tips for Your Business

As you think about starting up a business, there are numerous factors that must be considered in order for you to be successful.  Here are 7 tips that will help you get started in the right direction. Narrow your focus Create an MVP Don’t sell on price Delegate work... read more

4 Steps to Realize Your Flash of Cash

Once you’ve had a flash of cash and decided to pursue your money making opportunity, there are a 4 steps you should take to bring it to fruition. Get some feedback Find out if it will sell Don’t quit your day job Write a business plan Get some feedback While you may... read more