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Privacy Policy

At Flash of Cash, we respect your right to privacy. Flash of Cash will never share any personal information about our visitors, or their friends, relatives or associates with third parties. Flash of Cash never engages in SPAM. The privacy policy of Flash of Cash is set forth in detail below.

Flash of Cash does not collect any information from its site visitors unless they voluntarily submit information through email correspondence. Employees of Flash of Cash are fully educated regarding Flash of Cash privacy practices and policies. Employees of Flash of Cash are instructed to take all measures possible to protect voluntarily submitted personal information from access by third parties. Unauthorized use or disclosure of personal information is prohibited.

Visitor email voluntarily sent to Flash of Cash is kept absolutely confidential. Access to this information is restricted to Flash of Cash employees. Flash of Cash does not provide in any form its visitors’ email addresses, or the email addresses of their friends, associates or relatives, to any third party, including its store members. If an email containing personal information requests a response from Flash of Cash, any personal information therein is utilized for response purposes only. Email voluntarily submitted to Flash of Cash by our site visitors is removed from our records following its review and our response, if any.

Visitors who do not wish Flash of Cash to have access to their personal information should not voluntarily provide such information. Flash of Cash will never solicit personal information from visitors. Any personal information received by Flash of Cash was provided to the site voluntarily by its visitors. Flash of Cash will never store any personal information voluntarily provided by visitors on its site. Flash of Cash will never use any personal information voluntarily provided by visitors for marketing, SPAM, or any other purpose.

Flash of Cash collects click-through information electronically for site usage statistics. This information is completely anonymous and is for statistical use only. Visitors are not personally tracked. Flash of Cash does not place cookies on the systems of its site visitors. Anonymous internal log file entries are generated when a visitor initiates a search at Flash of Cash. This allows Flash of Cash to assess overall traffic activity and interest in various areas of the website, and any possible technical problems with the site.

Flash of Cash does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. Flash of Cash further does not promote, condone or endorse the dissemination of information, or sale of products and services to minors when prohibited by law; including the dissemination or sale of pornographic materials to minors; and the sale of firearms, tobacco and alcohol to minors.

The Flash of Cash website includes links to third-party websites. The visitor is responsible for obtaining Privacy Policy information from any third-party site it becomes linked to upon leaving Flash of Cash.

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy for Flash of Cash, please contact us.