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Ideas for your flash of cash can come from almost anywhere – your job, your home, your friends, your church, your hobbies, or almost anything you are familiar with.  However, not all ideas are created equal.  You may have a great idea for something that will help you out around the home, or save you considerable time at work, but you have to ask yourself if other people would find your idea useful as well.

Almost every day you hear of some new product or gizmo that supposedly will improve your life, but in fact it has no practical value for you.  For instance, if you see a commercial for a new type of baby product and don’t have a baby, then it’s unlikely that this product will have any value for you.  However, we all know that there are lots of people with new babies and the new product may be useful for some of them.  So the first thing you need to consider after you have an idea is whether it might be useful for other people besides yourself.