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As the title suggests, this book written by  Anthony Rubino Jr. is a compilation of 101 Inventions that many readers will be familiar with depending on their age. For instance, we are all familiar with a wire clothes hanger and Post-it Notes, but those of you who are under 40 years old may have never heard of the Pet Rock.

The book’s introduction is only 1 page long, but it makes a couple of very good points. Firstly, Mr. Rubino points out that the inventions contained in the book aren’t revolutionary, like the light bulb or the automobile. Rather they are based on simple ideas that didn’t require special skills, superior education or large amounts of money in order for their inventors to create them.

Secondly, he points out that even though the inventions were simple they were created by someone at the right time and place. For instance, the wire hanger was invented by Albert J. Parkhouse while working at a factory that made wire items. Unable to hang his coat up one day because all of the hooks were taken, he bent some wire into the shape of hanger and hung his coat on it.

Some of the other really simple inventions that he describes are the Frisbee, Pet Rock and Smiley Face.